segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Selfish dillema

From such a long voyage you came.
What blistered heart, what royal shame,
What senseless tragedy lingers in your timid smile?
What thoughts cloud your mirror to think
Without doubts, in a fractioned blink,
That reflection is a waste of light refraction,
A sad sobbing caption,
A comic relief to the life of the happy and blue?

Had I the magic ability,
The vaguely remote possibility
Of creating a being which is me but which is not,
He'd tell you in a tone like music light and thin
"Your soul is like a sea I want to drown in
So that my body may forever rest in peace."

Yet acting out of my own caprice
Wanting to selfishly comfort you.

1 comentário:

DeeDee disse...

Oh I love needing to use translators to figure out things! So very late and all but I don't come here much and seems neither do you.. so I just wanted to say this is sad and beautiful and sad some more.. nicely done Sir..