quarta-feira, 21 de maio de 2008

A man named Joe

Once upon a time
There was a man named Joe.
He was pointed out
Wherever he'd go!

He wasn't ugly,
or anything of sorts.
And the problem weren't
His bright yellow shorts.

You see, Joe had this way
Of making all that he could say
Undoubtedly and obviously
... Gay!

So he walked with his head low
Pondering on his ways so.
He couldn't possibly know
Where fate'd make him go!

Around a corner he saw,
And mind this queer had quite an eye,
A sight he'd never seen before
Which almost made him cry...

A big round bearded bear
With huge drawings on his back,
A pink scarf on his neck
And a nametag spelling "jack".

As they met love bloomed right away
And Jack offered him a gold diamond ring.
The only regret after happy thirty years...
Was they never had offspring.