sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Red Star

Once upon our own time,
There was a bright red star.
No one knew from what place,
Except it's from afar.

It seemed not to shine high,
It shone gloom, actually,
No one knew as to why,
What would cause it to be.

Could it lack the right skill?
Some stars shine expertise!
But this star had it still,
So it could shine with ease!

Could it be out of shame?
There'd be no reason why.
The red star was unique,
No excuse to be shy!

Could it feel out of place?
Ah, but all of them do,
So it sounds quite baroque
To consider that too.

Could this star feel alone?
Why would it feel that way?
Green, blue, white stars shine close,
With things friendly to say.

Could this star be too sad?
I just hope that it's not.
Red stars shine in a way
That the others cannot.